Our Story


"The visual arts are a billion dollar business in Canada"

– T. J. Cheney Research Inc., Canada Council for the Arts (2003)


The number of Canadians directly impacted by the visual arts

– T. J. Cheney Research Inc., Canada Council for the Arts (2003)


of active population of Canada work in the cultural sector

– Statistical Profile of Artists in Canada Based on the 2006 Census (2008)


works of public art in Vancouver

– Aileen Stalker and John Steil (2009)




Our Team

Michelle Bergeron

Principal & Creative Director

Michelle Bergeron has over 20 years of experience as an art strategist, gallery owner and educator. Her extensive business experience has led her to partner with community leaders, government agencies and developers to plan public art projects that encourage both social and economic growth. As a gallery owner, Michelle earned a reputation for curatorial excellence overseeing the collection at the Adele Campbell Fine Art Gallery in Whistler, BC. She has attended to the careers of over forty new and established artists including Canadian artists Laura Harris, Cameron Bird, Mike Svob and Nancy O’Toole. Michelle’s instinct for identifying collaborators and her ability to define objectives allows her to deliver public art projects that move people and transform communities.

Kyle Kirkegaard

Director Concept Development

Kyle Kirkegaard has a diverse background combining the realms of art and environment, aesthetics and advocacy. Growing up surrounded by art and artists, Kyle naturally gravitated towards a career in the field. She spent years as a gallery assistant and curator while earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Resource Management. Kyle’s work in data analysis, remediation and mitigation strategies led her unexpectedly back to art as an avenue for creating awareness and influencing community stewardship. Her experience with data collection creates a foundation for selecting unique art pieces based on public and private perception of the site and overarching project. Kyle is most at home at the intersection between natural and urban environments. Her focus is combining aesthetically superior art with environmental purposes.


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